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Customers' Rides


This page showcases some of the work we have done on our customers' cars, or pictures of rare Japanese parts that we have ordered in.


Antonio's PHAT 86 with ARISE SPORTS Body Kit

The rarely seen Arise Sports kit with carbon fibre accents truly make this PHAT 86...well, phat.


Antonio's PHAT 86 with HKS GT Pro. V2 Supercharger Kit


Antonio decided that 110kw wasn't enough for a sports car, so we installed a HKS GT Pro V2. supercharger kit, some supporting modifications and it went for a tune at Insight Motorsports. Pushing a reliable 230kW (308hp) at the wheels on an E85 tune, this is one 86 you don't want to encounter on the street or track.

Steven's 86 with full TRD body kit

Steven has decided to option the TRD front lip, side skirts and fender fins to give his Toyota 86 a subtle but commanding road presence. Only the genuine items will be a perfect fit and look this good.

Kevin's 370Z with Varis' CF Lip Kit

Kevin's evil looking Nissan Fairlady 370Z is kitted out with the Varis carbon fibre lip kit and the Varis FRP rear spoiler. We also ordered the rare Gruppe M twin intakes for the 370Z. That V6 now has a mean growl to back up its looks.

Joey's GT86 with INGS+1 Body Kit

Garage 88 is proud to be the first to bring in and fit the INGS+1 body kit for Joey's Toyota GT86. Painted up by G&S Bodyworks, the INGS kit for the GT86 combines taut, smooth lines with just the right amount of aggression to stand out from the masses.