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Custom stories


Arguably the most customized Toyota GT86 in Australia, the Garage 88’s ZN6 is built with street and track duties in mind. Nearly anything that can be modified has been modified, from the special one off Bride seats (front AND rear), to the E85 powered turbo kit that enables the 86 to put down an 280rwkw on 19in Advan RG-D wheels. And that’s on low boost. 



Built to take on the Clubsprint Class in WTAC, Chris’ RX-7 is more than a sum of its carefully chosen Japanese aftermarket parts. Drawing inspiration from top rotary masters such as FEED, R-Magic, and RE-Ameniya, Chris is building the RX-7 true to its roots.  When completed, this RX-7 wouldn’t look out of place at a Tsukuba time attack event or rolling into Daikoku Futo’s famed rest area. 



Built for pure street presence and the firepower to back it up, Viet's widebody RX-7 has the essentials to shock the rude roads of Sydney. However, he's currently enamoured with his K20/24 weapon of a Honda Civic. Come back and chuck the rebuilt 13B-REW in and get it all painted, Viet! 


Gene's Liberty Wagon

Let’s admit it; a family wagon has never looked this good. Gene’s BP9 has the full fruit, loaded with a K2Gear body kit and interior, Prova Grille, and just rightly sized Advan GT wheels. To ensure you weren’t just seeing things, the Subaru boxer has a Tommy Kaira exhaust to yell at you. A Plazmaman custom intercooler is currently the only power mod at the moment, but watch this space!