Bride GIAS II Sport (Low Cushion/Red Stitched Insert)


Gias II feature high side bolsters to hold your lower body even more securely

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Bride GIAS II Sport (Low Cushion/Red Stitched Insert)

GIAS II series are equipped with ultimate super low position system. Bride’s unique low max system combines a tough, all aluminium, and lightweight frame with high rigidity, combined with a super strong monocoque shell (in Super Aramid Black Shell or Carbon Aramid).

Gias II feature high side bolsters to hold your lower body even more securely. For lower side bolsters that allow for easier entry and exit of the vehicle, please check out the Stradia II series.

This offers the strength and holding performance of a full bucket seat, while allowing comfort and adjustability with the built in 40-step reclining mechanism. The split seat cushion design allows for better weight distribution on the thighs, allowing for the driver to operate the pedals comfortably and easily. For cars that have very little room between the seat and steering wheel, there is a low cushion option that allow drivers to sit even lower, allowing for easier seat access and better driving position.

The Gias II Sport uses high quality cloth material that is held together with red double stitching. Non-slip buck skin material is used on the side shoulder to prevent wear from the seat belt. It uses a steel frame combined with a silver FRP shell for extra strength.

This listing is for a black Bride GIAS II Sport Low Cushion/Red Stitched Insert, featuring black suede material that is resistant to fire.

For the standard cushion option or the new black back insert please check other listings.


For other colours and shell choices, please check our other listings.

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