Bride Zieg IV WIDE in Red with Silver Fiberglass Back Shell


Zieg IV is also extremely strong and is FIA approved

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Bride Zieg IV WIDE in Red with Silver Fiberglass Back Shell

ZIEG IV WIDE is the wide model of ZIEG IV which is a full bucket seat that has been elaborated to pursue the high safety and the hold performance based on various racing experiences and feedback from professional drivers.

It is 40mm wider at the thigh part and 10mm wider at the shoulder part than the standard ZIEG, making it suitable for large body drivers. In addition, the entire shell as same as ZIEG IV has a deep hold shape with the round shoulders line for wrapping the driver deeper.

Even in situations where high-speed cornering or high driving G is applied, the driver is firmly held for reliable driving operations.

The shell material can be selected from two types: FRP silver shell and Super aramid black shell, and the color variation can be selected from three types: Gradation logo, Black and Red.

ZIEG IV WIDE is a FIA approved model.

Back shells are available in :

  • Silver FRP
  • Super Aramid black shell

Cloth and patterns is available in 5 colours :

  • Bride’s iconic gradient with logo
  • Black logo
  • Red logo


For other colours and shell choices, please check our other listings.

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 120 cm