DIXCEL ES-Type Front Pads for Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)


Better Braking Power! Better Heat Resistance! Yet affordable!

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Better Braking Power! Better Heat Resistance! Yet affordable!

This listing is for a pair of Front ES-Type pads for :

  • Honda Civic Type-R – (FK8)



  • Made for aggressive driving on the street and highway with better brake performance
  • High fade resistance makes for stable braking performance even during aggressive driving.
  • High level of brake control making it ideal for drifting
  • Helps for a longer disc life
  • The friction surface of the brake pads are scorched to improve the bedding-in process
  • Non-Asbestos, non-Steel making it environmentally friendly
  • Mechanical brake pad sensors are installed (Only for models which originally come with sensors)

At first glance, the statement above may seem contradicting. DIXCEL is able to research & develop such a product because we are an aftermarket brake manufacturer. DIXCEL is not a brake manufacturer that only specializes in motorsports applications. Our research & development goes beyond motorsports, to ordinary street-use sedans, mini-vans, and luxury cars.

The consumers who drive normally wanted a brake pad that has low brake dust without sacrificing braking power.

After a careful material selection process, the testing of the M-type brake pad was done using heavy cars like the Lexus LS600h and Toyota Alphard.
The chosen materials passed repeated extreme brake tests from speeds of 180km/h. The M-type brake pads are not just a low dust brake pad, brake pads that offers improved braking performance.

The above chart represents evaluation values of our product in 100 phases in comparison with genuine pads of the test model. Values of genuine pads show 50.

Above values are calculated under test condition. Values of Durability and Disc life are subject to change by continuous use under low temperature (generally less than 150 degrees Celsius). Values of Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust are calculated after a thermal history goes (not under brand-new condition).


We are continuously adding new products to our website, so if you can’t find the part listing for your car please contact us for more information.



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