DIXCEL Front 277mm SD-Type Rotors for GT86/BRZ GTS (ZN6 / ZC6)


When compared to similar PD discs in the same conditions, the SD brake rotors show an increase of braking performance by up to 20%

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This listing is for a pair of Front 277mm SD-Type 6 slotted discs for the :

  • Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ – (ZN6 / ZC6) 

Outer Diameter: 277 mm
Thickness: 24 mm
Height: 57 mm
Centre Bore: 58 mm
Holes: 5
PCD: 100

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  • When compared to similar PD discs in the same conditions, the SD brake rotors show an increase of braking performance by up to 20%
  • Careful research and design has resulted in the optimized selection of six slits for the SD rotor. This factors in pad wear, noise level and heat ventilation.
  • The best width and angle of the slots were chosen using data from racing and road conditions.
  • The SD 6-slotted discs can be mounted in reverse rotation for even better brake performance
  • The offset in slots on the inner and outer discs increases brake modulation for pinpoint control.
  • 12 slots versions are available on request, please contact us for this option.

The above chart compares the SD brake discs in comparison with OEM genuine rotors. Genuine rotors baseline performance values are rated at 50. The values shown above is only a reference to better understand performance differences. Higher values signifies performance increases compared to the standard brake discs.

Switch between Forward and Reverse Rotations for Better Performance

Dixcel’s SD Rotors are effective in both forward or reverse rotations. The reverse rotation has a higher friction level compared to forward rotation at the cost of higher pad wear. The chart below compares the differences between forward and reverse rotations.

The above wear rate is shown using Dixcel Z Type brake pads. This data is collected from street and race circuit testing. The values can vary depending on brake pads and its material. Pad wear is also dependent on usage. At Dixcel, we evaluate each disc’s characteristics. For a high level of friction, we recommend reverse rotation for 6 slotted discs and forward rotation for 12 slotted discs.


Two piece SD brake discs come in 6, 8, and 12 slotted versions. Please use this discs in REVERSE rotation and NOT forward rotation.

For one piece discs with directional ventilation, please use FORWARD rotation to maximise its cooling efficiency.


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