GReddy FV Blow-off Valve Kit for Subaru WRX (GC8 / GF8)


GReddy FV Blow-off Valve Kit for Subaru WRX (GC8/GF8)

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GReddy FV Blow-off Valve Kit for Subaru WRX (GC8/GF8)
Fitted with the EJ20 motor

Note : This Blow-off Valve kit is for both Plumbed back and Atmosphere release, you choose.

Ideal for cars in the 100~430HP power range.

Kit includes :

  • BOV
  • Gasket
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Vacuum Nipple
  • Hose

GReddy BLOW OFF VALVE FV adopts a floating valve structure, so the valve can not be pulled up by the negative pressure of the surge tank. This is a new generation blow-off valve that combines the need for strong initial loading, improved valve operation response at low supercharging and fine acceleration work, and relief prevention at high supercharging. 
The mounting flange and opening position have the same shape as the GReddy blow-off valve TYPE-RS, RZ, and can be replaced from conventional models. 

The car-specific kit is a kit that comes with parts for attaching the GReddy blow-off valve to a normal car. Depending on the vehicle type, there are types that can be connected to the air release type, return type, or both.

Prevent the idling malfunction that tends to occur in blow off…
The floating valve mechanism allows the valve to react quickly because it is not necessary to use an unnecessary preload on the spring.

Quick response even at low supercharging…
Floating valve mechanism prevents unnecessary valve opening and closing.

Adopting a new development floating valve structure…
By adopting a floating valve structure in which the diaphragm and valve operate independently, valve response that exceeds conventional models and stable blow-off effect in the entire supercharging region has become possible.

We adopt slide type adjustable top cover…
By adopting a rotation adjustable top cover, it is not necessary to completely disassemble the top cover by changing the direction of the hose union, greatly improving the workability.
The angle that can be changed to 1 degree is up to 90 °. If you want to change it by 90 ° or more, replace the removed bolt and then remove and change the opposite bolt.

Operation of blow off valve FV (at the time of accelerator ON)…
The relief pressure at high supercharging is prevented by pressing the valve strongly by the dual valve spring, the supercharging pressure from the surge tank, and the support spring.

Operation of blow off valve FV (at the time of accelerator OFF)…
The surge tank pressure becomes maximum negative pressure, the diaphragm and dual spring are pulled up, and the valve hold is released. The valve pressed only by the support spring is pushed up by the residual pressure in the piping and releases the residual pressure instantly.

Operation of blow off valve FV (at the time of accelerator OFF after release)…
Even if the inside of the surge tank remains negative pressure and the diaphragm is pulled up, when the release of the residual pressure is finished, the support spring immediately closes the valve and prepares for the next accelerator ON, thus assisting the start of sharp boost.



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