MUGEN Ventilated Window Visors for Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)


MUGEN Ventilated Window Visors for Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

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MUGEN Ventilated Window Visors for Honda Civic Type-R (FK8)

In the case of a general door visor, when used with the window slightly lowered, the air discharged from the front part of the opening tends to become a vortex and flows backward from the rear part of the opening into the room. 

The ventilated visor was discharged from the room by using a rubber blade installed at the lower end of the front visor body so that the rear of the visor was closed even when the window was lowered slightly and the opening was limited to the front. Suppresses back flow of air.

In addition, the negative pressure generated during driving effectively promotes air discharge.

On top of that, it greatly improves the comfort of use as a visor, such as preventing raindrops that tend to enter when the window is opened and rainwater from other vehicles.

Made of Smoke Type Acrylic.

Front / rear 4-piece set.



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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 20 cm