Pandem/Rocket Bunny Ver-3.5 Body Kit Upgrade Package for GT86/BRZ (ZN6 / ZC6)


4 Piece upgrade kit for the Version 3 Wide Body Package to suit the GT86/BRZ

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Pandem/Rocket Bunny Ver-3.5 Body Kit Upgrade Package for GT86/BRZ (ZN6 / ZC6)

Mr. Kei Miura designed a third upgrade kit for the Rocket Bunny brand’s FT-86 series as this upgrades the VERSION 3 further more to the 3.5 variant.

The parts include a new front Lip Spoiler fitted to the front bumper, a front canard and a rear canard, which can also be attached to the original rear bumper.

In addition there is a side structure for the GT wing, this is specialized for more aerodynamics, making it possible to generate further downforce. The front canard has become more aggressive, by way of making the the front and rear canards larger than the previous version.

It is designed for the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ. It is quickly becoming a body kit boasting popularity all around the world.

This Ver-3.5 update kit includes:

  • Front Lip Spoiler
  • Front Cannards
  • Rear Cannards
  • Rear Wing Side Boards


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Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions200 × 120 × 80 cm