R40 “M14” Iconix Lock Nut Set in Neochrome w/Red Aluminium Cap M14x1.5


R40 “M14” Iconix Lock Nut Set in Black M14x1.5

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R40 “M14” Iconix Lock Nut Set in Black M14x1.5

  • M14 × P1.5: Nissan GT-R (2015 NISMO version), Civic Type R (FK2 / FK8)
  • VW / Audi vehicles fitted with Stud Conversions can use this. For example H&R’s Stud Conversion for VAG vehicles.

Please check and confirm you vehicle’s stud thread pitch before ordering any lug nuts or bolts. 

The R40 developed as an evolved version of the Racing Composite R40 / R40 REVO type, improves threading, the form of the cap nut to screwing, so that it can be easily detached with a dedicated wrench even when the wheel is mounted did. Also on the design side, the HEX surface is drilled into six faces, and the end cap is given a distinctive design to give a distinctive finish as an accent on the wheel. 

  • Since the collar and body are free, 60 ° taper runout of screws and bolts is prevented.
  • The collar is free and has a washer effect, making it difficult for screws to loosen.
  • A large radius is used on the upper part of the hexagon to facilitate wrench operation when attaching and detaching.
  • Thorough weight reduction with aluminum color (A7075-T6 material).
  • The nut body uses carbide forging (SCM435) and has the strongest hardness.
  • Includes x45 Locking Nuts with Key Adapter


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm