R40 Racing Composite Non-Locking Nut Set in Glorious Black M12x1.5


For the serious enthusiast looking for a great looking high quality setup that will also provide some extra protection to your highly cherished wheels

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Racing Composite R40 Non-Locking Nut Set in Glorious Black M12x1.5

Racing Composite R40 Non-Locking Nut Set in Glorious Black for 12×1.5mm studs.

Please check and confirm you vehicle’s stud thread pitch before ordering any lug nuts or bolts. 

The high-end product “Racing Composite R40” material of the lacing nut adopts chrome molybdenum steel (SCM 435 forging) and is super strength that can be put to practical use also in a severe race scene. Achieve (about 40 g)! Furthermore, the free taper collar that prevents the loosening of the screw becomes a washer and makes the wheel be set securely on the vehicle body. Color can choose two kinds of Glorious black and neo-black (titanium coating, rainbow), and is excellent as accessories of wheel.

  • Since the collar and the body are free, 60 ° taper run-out of screws and bolts is prevented. 
  • Color is free and washer effect is achieved, and it is difficult to loosen the screw. 
  • Uses a large radius on the top of the hexagon to smooth the wrench operation when attaching or detaching. 
  • Thorough weight reduction by aluminum color (A7075-T6 material). 
  • The body of the nut uses forged carbide material (SCM 435) and has the strongest hardness.

Colors available : 

  • Black with 
  • Neochrome 


  • 20 pieces set (No Lock Nut)


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm