SEEKER 350mm Racing Spec Steering Wheel Alcantara Edition

350mm Racing Spec Alcantara Steering Wheel


SEEKER 350mm Racing Spec Steering Wheel Alcantara Edition

Kodawari steering wheel pursuing sports driving including race etc. 

I used Altantra (ALCANTARA) on the outer, and 6061 aluminum alloy with high rigidity and excellent corrosion resistance for the base frame. 

Using perforated Alcantara at the 9 o’clock / 3 o’clock position to make it breathe. Grip adopted a good shape of fingers slightly thicker so that it can drive without driving force. There is durability compared to the type of decorative stitching since the stitch of the part where force is applied is put in a cross shape. 

Moreover, logo, top mark and our slogan are arranged in a good balance in a few places and finished in a stylish design. A special “R – SPIRIT” horn button is attached. 


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Weight10 kg
Dimensions40 × 40 × 40 cm