TRD Side Skirt (Not Painted) for Toyota GT86 Kouki (ZN6)


New tapered design gives optimized aerodynamic balance. Available in both painted and un-painted variants

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TRD Side Skirt (Not Painted) for Toyota GT86 Kouki (ZN6)

In addition to the wider appearance, by smoothing the air entering the lower surface from the front of the vehicle, it smoothly discharges the air by shaping it evenly around the lower part of the under carriage. Improving the feeling of tyre grip and generating more down force.

Material: Resin (PPE)

Ground Height: Approximately 35mm lower from the original

Full width: Approximately 5 mm wider than the original.

Available in both colour matched paint, and unpainted variants.


Please allow 8-10 weeks for production time if TRD does not have stock on the shelf ready to go. Once parts are produced it takes approximately 8-10 business days to airfreight the parts to G88. 

If you do not see the TRD parts you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll price it up for you via email.



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Weight5 kg
Dimensions180 × 40 × 40 cm