WORKS BELL Paddle Shifter NEO for GT86/BRZ (ZN6 / ZC6)


WORKS BELL Paddle Shifter NEO for GT86/BRZ

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This listing is for the WORKS BELL Paddles Shifter NEO for the GT86/BRZ

Until now, when a vehicle equipped with an Automatic shift change switch is used on genuine steering wheel, its function has to be given up when steering wheel is changed, but by using “PADDLE SHIFTER NEO”, you can now shift with aftermarket wheels.

“PADDLE SHIFTER NEO” became the evolved version of the conventional product “PADDLE SHIFTER KIT”, adopting carbon for the paddle lever, the switch stroke becomes quick, and the paddle body is 20 mm thick, shortening 30 mm from the conventional product Did. 

It is a product designed exclusively for each type of car, which is a set of “dedicated boss” and “dedicated harness”.

  • Paddle lever adopts carbon.
  • The switch stroke is quick.
  • By making the paddle main body 20 mm thick, shortening the 30 mm from the conventional product, the mounting position of the steering wheel can be offset to the vehicle side, and the boss to be combined has also changed from the short boss to the normal boss.
  • The paddle part is adjustable to each left and right 15 mm according to the size of the steering wheel and the size of the driver’s hand.
  • The mounting position of the steering depends on the type of car.
  • It is possible to change gears of AT by lightly pulling the left and right paddle parts toward you.
  • The paddle’s right is UP ↑ and the left is DOWN ↓. (Can not be changed)
  • Can be installed with coupler on without wiring processing with the included dedicated harness (intermediate coupler).


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